The Aevolutionaries

Here they are, the whole crew:



5 Chi

Next in the series, everyone's favorite tall light and homely Charles.



Working away at some new art for Peter to use when pitching to publishers. I've done the line work for a group shot, and I'm on to colouring it. I figured I'd do each character separately so I can use these pieces in the Promo Trailer I'm working on.

Here's Essa, key member of the crew of the Asilomar.

More on the way soon!


Lifecode Mission 01 Part 01

The first part of our graphic novel series, The Lifecode Missions, is now available at various online stores in ebook format. We've also posted the complete first part on a few different sites, including right here on daleicious. It's free so...

Why are you still here?

So far we're sitting at 4.5 stars and we've received some friendly comments on iTunes. My fav:

This is one stylish graphic novel! Sci-fi is not typically my preferred genre, but the cover drew me in, the story intrigued me and the art work is just mad cool. I look forward to part two.

We're pretty excited to see what people think!

We've applied for a booth at Fan Expo 2012 in Toronto... I'll keep you posted.


Squarespace is so extra

I've maintained a number of sites in the past. My current home page is hosted by Yahoo. It took me days to figure out the ins and outs of managing the web site with their less-than-stellar web based tools. Then I had to create the site itself using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, which took a few more days of playing with the imagery.

The result? Lackluster at best. A friend put it kindly:

All you need is blinking text and marching ants and you'll have nailed the 90's look. 

I created and now maintain the Lifecode Missions web site, and it's a chore. I bought a template from Template Monster, which looks nice enough, and has some decent javascript animation, but it just fails when it comes to maintenance. And forget about managing members, blogging, news and feed integration... and even the Contact Us page just doesn't do anything, and I can't spend the time to figure out how to hook it up to some mail serving back end.

It took me a single night to get the site you're browsing going.

And it looks way sexy.

Squarespace. So Extra.

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