Dale Andrew Darling

Really, who includes their middle name when referring to themselves? Idiots? Pompous, self-righteous asses? Probably.

But I do sincerely hope I don't fit in one of those categories. In the early in the days of the internets, I had the opportunity to secure www.daledarling.com... but I didn't bother. I remember thinking:

The 'internet'. Whatevs. It's just for nerds. And geeks. Nothing's going to come of it.


Can I get a do-over?

Now a doppleganger in Maine has bought the domain without even putting up a site (no doubt waiting for a more extreme Dale Darling to become famous and pay a mint for it).

By the time I finally realized my mistake, it was too late. Not only was daledarling.com was gone, but daledarling@hotmail.com and daledarling@yahoo.com, not to mention the newly budding social sites. I realized I had two choices: "daledarling37495" or "daleandrewdarling".

I figured being mistaken for a pompous ass beats being branded with a number.

So here I am! You can find me on the major social sites as 'daleandrewdarling'.

And sometimes as "daleicious".

A name I thought clever when I used it on deviantART... three years before "girlicious" showed up.


No joy.

You can find out more about me by clicking the links in the "Presence" section in the column to the right. I'm not as active on the various social sites as I'd like to be but I'm hoping to change that in the future.

Thanks for visiting - I really appreciate you spending the time!