My New Venture: Gabaway

A little over a year ago I got together with a long-time friend and we started a company. Our goal was to build a new type of mobile messaging app... one designed to remove the emotional distance imposed by all other messaging apps.

We did this by introducing avatars which would interact with each other - automatically determining your intentions from the texts you send, and performing appropriate actions. An LOL would cause your avatar to laugh out loud. A hug would cause them to hug each other.

Gabaway is the result.

It's free to use and lots of fun - try it out with a friend!

Cheers and happy new year!


Science Breaks My Brain

Science shows make the most ridiculous comparisons. Imagine if we all talked like that: "I walked 11 football fields to work today because I missed the subway by the width of a human hair."

Having said that they do come up with the coolest stuff - like this:


If you cut a piece of paper in two, pile the two halves, then cut the pile in two and stack those together... and repeat that 100 times, how tall would the stack be?


More than 13 billion light years tall - about as far as the most distant galaxy we have seen.

Proof: Two to the 100th Power

Nerd awesomeness FTW.


Claystone Themed Up

We just released a new version of Claystone, which, among other features, includes some dramatic new themes... if you have an Android phone, please check it out - it's like nothing you've seen in a Launcher on Android before:

Claystone Launcher

We finally took some time away from adding features to actually take advantage of the current framework, and produce some sexy stuff. Here are some shots of the new Avenge theme:

And don't be afraid to give us a nice review if you like what you see!


Woot! Engadget Reviews Claystone (in a Video, No Less)!

Claystone was just reviewed by Engadget - it was a fair review - they pointed out some stuff we just didn't have time to do - but they were also gracious when talking about the potential... so... awesome?

Engadget is kinda like the Wall Street Journal of tech so we're happy as sin that we got a video review from them!


Claystone 2.0 Launched

Whew. After a crazy amount of work, we finally released version 2.0 of our Claystone Launcher. It's way sexier and now allows you to keep using your current launcher (just tap home twice to get to it).

If you have an Android phone check us out in the Google Play Store (it's free)!